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Voted as the Best Roofing Contractor in Marin County for seven consecutive years in the Marin IJ Readers’ Choice Awards, Wedge Roofing has earned the reputation as Marin’s Trusted Roofing Contractor with  48-years of premiere-quality, cost-effective roof installations, and repairs.

Founded by second-generation Marin County residents, Wedge Roofing is the only local roofing company to achieve the highest standards in the industry, receiving premier accreditations and awards for roofing expertise, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices.  

Do Marin Microclimates Affect Your Roof?

The cities and neighborhoods of Marin County are each characterized by unique microclimates with a wide range of temperatures and atmospheric conditions that affect the life of your roof. From hot summers in Novato to the moist marine fog layer in Sausalito and Mill Valley, to Marin’s wettest spot – Kentfield each unique microclimate requires a roofing system with specific attributes that promote durability, high performance, and optimized energy efficiency.

Wet Winters

Marin County’s winters have a rich history of extremes. From drought years with as little as seven inches of annual rainfall to El Nino winters, characterized by a rapid succession of atmospheric river storms and unprecedented rainfall totals. When it doesn’t rain, roofs might be neglected, which can be catastrophic during a wet winter. The solution is to initiate a roof maintenance program to prepare your roof for the winter. 

Hot Summers

In the warmest areas of Marin, such as San Rafael, Lucas Valley, Nicasio, and Novato, the benefits of a cool roofing system are tremendous in lowering energy costs and keeping your home comfortable during the summer. 

Shady Cool Neighborhoods

Proper roof selection and an emphasis on maintenance are necessary for the shady neighborhoods of Marin, such as Mill Valley, Larkspur, and Fairfax, where roofs are vulnerable to the growth of lichen, mold, and moss under a canopy of redwood trees or oaks or from moist fog.

Bayside and Coastal

Reroofing homes on the shores of the San Francisco Bay, such as in Tiburon, Belvedere, or Sausalito, or coastal areas, such as Stinson Beach, requires specific considerations due to salt-water exposure and the possibility of corrosion.

Fire Harden Your Roof

It is important to note that many Marin homes and buildings are in designated “Wildlife Urban Interface” (WUI) areas. These neighborhoods are at increased risk of danger from major wildfires and are subject to more restrictive city and county regulations for roofing options. Throughout Marin County, building departments require a fire-retardant roof covering that is at least Class A in all WUI neighborhoods and other areas. 

Please visit Fire Safe Marinfor vital information. 

Roof maintenance wildfires

What is the true cost of a new roof?

As we reported previously, installing a new roof on your Marin County home is a good investment. Many home remodeling projects offer a poor return on investment at resale. Whereas the National Association of Realtors ranks new roofing as the top exterior remodeling project, with an incredible 105% return on investment.

What are the Most Popular Roofing Systems in Marin County?

Spray Foam Roofs

Throughout Marin County, Spray Foam is the top choice for flat and low-sloped roofs. Marin residents and businesses appreciate the sleek look of a spray foam roof and the lower energy costs resulting from the installation of this highly-insulated, reflective roofing system featuring a low VOC coating.

Shingle Roofs

Ultra-dimensional architectural shingles are the top roofing system for steep slope roofs in Marin.  The most popular brands are GAF’s Timberline, Camelot, Glenwood, Grand Canyon, and Woodland designer shingles; CertainTeed’s Presidential and Landmark luxury shingles; Owens Corning’s Berkshire and Woodcrest extra-large shingles; and premium shingles from IKO and Malarkey.

Tile Roofs

From Novato to Sausalito, Clay Tile Roofs are an integral link to Marin County’s architectural history. Popular on newer homes are concrete tile roofs. Both are long-lasting, sustainable roofing systems. Tile Roofing brands available in Marin County include Boral, Eagle, Ludowici, and MCA Roof Tiles.

Metal Roofs

Class-A Fire Rated Metal Roofs are adaptable to all types of Marin County architecture, from Cape Cod houses in Marinwood to ultra-modern homes in Mill Valley. Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems by ASC Metal, Metal Sales, and Custom-Bilt Metal are popular choices in Marin, as well as Metal Roof tiles manufactured by Boral and Decra.

Newest Trends for Marin County Roofs

Solar Shingle Roofs

We have experienced a great demand for Solar Roofing Shingles from GAF. While traditional solar solutions get added on top of your roof shingles, GAF Timberline Solar™ incorporates efficient solar technology inside durable shingles.

Mixed Material Roofing

The newest roofing trend combines standing seam metal panels and high-definition shingles installed on separate pitched roof sections. Combination roofs are also seen on Eichler homes in San Rafael and Lucas Valley, with spray foam roofs installed on the flat roof sections and shingles on the steep sections.  

Natural Slate Roofs

The beauty of a slate roof is undeniable, and with a lifespan reaching the century mark, there is no better roof for sustainability.  Genuine slate roofing brands available for installation in Marin County include American Slate and Evergreen Slate,

About Wedge Roofing

From shingle roof installations in Belvedere and Tiburon to spray foam roofs in Novato, Sausalito, and Mill Valley to flat roof repairs in San Rafael, homeowners and businesses have relied upon high-quality, dependable roofing services from Wedge Roofing since we were founded right here in Marin County in 1976.

Membership, Leadership and Philanthropy

Wedge Roofing is a proud member of the Marin Builders Association, San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce, Tiburon Chamber of Commerce and Corte Madera Chamber of Commerce. An industry leader, Wedge Roofing founder Ralph Wedge is a past president of the Marin County Builder’s Association. Wedge Roofing supports many local non-profit organizations, including Marin’s Can Do Public Schools, Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Marine Mammal Center, and Wildcare.

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