Slate Roofs

At its core, roofing is a craft. A skilled craft passed down through generations and executed by exceptionally trained individuals.  Nowhere is the true essence of this craftsmanship more apparent than in the meticulous installation of a slate roof.

Slate roofs possess an awe-inspiring natural beauty, with each tile carefully cut and meticulously placed by hand. The perfect application and utilization of slate demands the utmost expertise and an unwavering commitment to precision and intricacy.

Our skilled artisan slate roofers are proud to provide their expertise for your slate roof in Marin County, Napa, San Francisco, and Sonoma County. 


Accredited Slate Roofing Contractor providing expertise for the installation, repair, maintenance, and restoration of Slate Roofs in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Marin County, Napa Valley, Sonoma County, and San Francisco.

Natural Distinction

The enduring beauty of slate roofs in colors ranging from grey, blue-grey, black and various shades of gold, purple and red are the pinnacle design feature on many historic buildings.

Sustainable Roof System

Increased appreciation of long-lasting, environmentally friendly building materials has led to a resurgence in new slate roof installations in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Slate, a time-tested, sustainable roof system can be the longest lasting component of your entire structure. The long-life span of slate roofs can minimize the impact on the environment, conserving resources and avoiding repetitive roof replacement. Although considered the highest initial cost point of any roofing material, the longevity and low maintenance of natural slate roofs offers a low cost of ownership in the long term.

Slate Roofing by Wedge Roofing Sonoma County, Marin, SF, Napa

Slate Manufacturers

American Slate offers a wide range of slate roof tiles, known for their quality, strength, durability, fire resistance, water resistance and minimum maintenance. 

American Slate Roof Tiles
American Slate Roof Contractor San Francisco Bay Area, Marin, Sonoma
American Slate Roof Tiles
American Slate Roof Tiles

Pictured: Olympus Peaks, Pike’s Point, Fairweather Way, Malayan Groove

Evergold Slate Company’s slate tiles are dense, sound rock and exceedingly tough and durable. A slate roof can last a century, giving excellent long-term value, in contrast to other types of manufactured roofing, which must be re-roofed three or four times within the same period.

Pictured: Semi Weathering Grey, Unfading Green, Canadian Black