Scheduled Roof Maintenance

Our scheduled roof maintenance service can extend the life of your roof and prevent minor roof problems from escalating into costly emergencies. By having your roof cleaned and inspected yearly, the investment you made in your roof will be monitored by our roofing professionals. It is important to note that many roof manufacturers require roof maintenance as terms of the warranty.

Roof Maintenance Program

Wedge Roofing offers a preventative Roof Maintenance Program for scheduled inspections of commercial and residential roofs by our professional inspectors. This comprehensive service provides for the discovery and remediation of minor roof issues before escalating into costly emergencies.

The role of the roof as a watertight membrane offering protection from the elements can be compromised in many ways that are only evident to a professional roof inspector. If not detected, what would seem like a minor roof injury, such as an improper roof penetration by a solar installer, can lead to a costly water intrusion emergency.

Numerous research studies suggest that a formal program of ongoing roof maintenance may significantly increase a roof’s life. Just as a car requires maintenance to prevent costly repairs or failure if neglected, so does a roof. Increasingly, most manufacturer roof warranties require scheduled maintenance.

Although the best time to implement a Roof Maintenance Program is when the roof is new, Wedge Roofing has the expertise to begin a maintenance plan during the life cycle of any roof. We consider ourselves partners in the continual upkeep of our client’s property, be it commercial or residential. Wedge Roofing builds relationships with its clients over years and decades, becoming more than a builder, but a trusted source of information and quality workmanship.

Wedge Roof Maintenance Program Details

Our scheduled inspections identify problems, as well as the appropriate corrective actions needed to extend the life of the roof. We provide a detailed report including

Roof system identification, overview

  • Identify current system
  • Assessment of roof condition including structural movement and biological growth
  • Non-conforming conditions and recommended corrective action
  • Modifications to roof system, equipment additions and roof penetrations
  • Vandalism or accidental trade damage
  • Estimated life expectancy of roofing system, including roof coatings

In addition to this thorough report, our Roof Maintenance Crew will remove debris from your site’s water channels and gutters, clearing debris from the roof. Many of our clients appreciate the investment they have made in their roofing system. Wedge Roofing’s Roof Maintenance Program ensures that your roofing system will be secure for its full lifespan.

Wedge Roofing also offers clients an extended maintenance program, which include inspection and repair to the entire Building Envelope.


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