Scheduled Roof Maintenance

Wedge Roofing’s scheduled roof maintenance service can extend the life of your roof and prevent minor roof problems from escalating into costly emergencies. By having your roof cleaned and inspected yearly, the investment you made in your roof will be monitored by our roofing professionals.

“The most important reason for establishing a roof maintenance program is to protect the captial investment of a new roof. Proper roof maintenance will not only add years to the life of a roof, it will also uncover problems before a roof leak creates mold and damages the interior of the building.” Center for the Advancement of Roof Excellence

Why Do You Need Our Roof Maintenance Program?

The role of the roof as a watertight membrane offering protection from the elements can be compromised in many ways that are only evident to a professional roof inspector. If not detected, what would seem like a minor roof injury, such as an improper roof penetration by a solar installer, can lead to a costly water intrusion emergency.

Numerous research studies suggest that a formal ongoing roof maintenance program may significantly increase a roof’s life. Just as a car requires maintenance to prevent costly repairs or failure if neglected, so does a roof. Increasingly, most manufacturer roof warranties require scheduled maintenance.

It is important to note that many roof manufacturers require roof maintenance as terms of the warranty.