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Wedge Roofing estimator

Unbiased Roof Estimates

With decades of roofing expertise, Wedge Roofing's estimators provide a formidable wealth of roofing knowledge for both residential roofing and commercial roofing in Marin County, San Francisco, Sonoma County and Napa. To prepare a free roof estimate for your property, our estimators thoroughly inspect the roof and the structural integrity of your building. All components are analyzed to determine an accurate assessment.

Roof Repairs

If after evaluating the condition of your roof our estimator determines that roof repairs or roof recoating is a preferable option, our full service roof repair division will complete the work with the same dedication to quality as our roof replacement crews.

Roof Replacement

If your roof needs replacement, our estimators will provide you with options for an appropriate roofing system tailored to your individual needs and budget. Our low-slope and steep-slope systems are designed with high-efficiency materials and expertly installed by Wedge Roofing’s master craftsmen.

Wedge Roofing estimator inspecting a roof to prepare a roof estimate

Roof Considerations

While evaluating the choices in roofing systems, consideration of your specific needs and budget should also include additional factors such as sustainability; analysis of initial cost versus life cycle cost; aesthetics; fire-rating and maintenance requirements.

Whether repairs, recoating or replacement, the most cost-effective solution is to address the needs of your roof right away. Delays can allow water to infiltrate below the roofing membrane causing structural damage to the roof deck.

Rare Opportunity

“While the choice of roofing system is important the selection of the roofing contractor is critical to the success of any new or reroofing project. Roofing contractor skills and experience vary widely.”
Michael Russo, RSI Magazine

While installing a new roof system, a rare opportunity exists to improve the energy efficiency of your entire structure for decades to come. Today’s advanced roof technology provides for increased thermal performance with the development of Spray Foam Roofs, Title 24 Cool Roofs and high performance roof insulation. A comparison of the initial cost of roofing should expand to consider the long-term savings of improvements to the overall energy efficiency of your building.


If you have a flat roof and need a foam roof, I highly recommend Wedge! They did an incredible job repairing and ultimately replacing my roof destroyed by a solar panel install. They were incredibly professional and took care of my entire home and yard during the work.


— Annie M., San Rafael