Historical Roof Restoration

At Wedge Roofing, we take pride in preserving San Francisco Bay Area history through our award-winning Historic Roof Restoration Service in San Francisco, Marin County, Napa, Sonoma County and the East Bay. We specialize in restoring the architectural integrity of historic buildings from late 19th Century Victorian homes to Mid-Century post-war residences including Eichlers and even 1970’s-era Geodesic Domes.

Our roof restoration work includes buildings designated as historic landmarks by the National Register of Historic Places, California Register of Historic Resources and local San Francisco Bay Area preservation organizations.

The Roof: Critical Building Component

Historic preservation experts define the roof as the most critical building component for the preservation of historic buildings and advise that restoration measures should begin with the roof. Interior water infiltration from a failed or leaking roof can quickly destroy the prized historical building materials and ultimately destroy the entire structure.

Original Historic Roofs

For original roofs of sustainable materials such as slate roofing, clay tile roofing and metal roofing, we recommend preservation of these historically significant roofing materials. Our roof craftsmen replace missing or damaged roof components with matching heritage roofing materials from our own reclaimed roofing collection or through our historic sources. In projects where the substrate deterioration requires replacement, our roof craftsmen will carefully remove the historic roof materials for re-application.

Historically Authentic Roof Systems

Although the goal of historic roof restoration is the use original materials, in many instances this is not possible. For example, many building codes place restrictions on the use of wood shingles, a common roofing material in 19th century San Francisco Bay Area structures. Through historic research and physical investigation of the roof, Wedge Roofing’s historic specialists can gain insight into the original roof materials, roof top architectural features, roof top design elements and historic roof construction techniques. We can then recommend a historically authentic roof system that accurately reflects the historic character of the building.


From San Francisco Bay Area steeply-pitched Victorian gable roofs, to gentle sloping Bungalow hip roofs and even Eichler Mid-Century flat roofs, Wedge Roofing’s highly experienced historic roof restoration team and exterior construction artisans offer their vast expertise to provide a thorough and thoughtful restoration of San Francisco Bay Area’s architectural treasures. Wedge Roofing’s work complies with Federal guidelines to qualify as “certified rehabilitation” if applying for the Federal Historic Preservation Tax incentive program.

Additional Historic Services

  • Wood and metal exterior roof features: cornices, entablatures, modillions, dentils, corbels and cresting
  • Architectural sheet metal fabrication
  • Dry rot repairs and structural restoration: roof framing, rafter tails and roof sheathing
  • Historic siding repair and replacement: cedar shingle siding, clapboard siding, tongue & groove siding
  • Gutters and downspouts for historic roofs
  • Porch and veranda structural restoration including columns, railing, flooring, spindles and balustrades
  • Energy-efficiency improvements for historic buildings: moisture barriers, air sealing, insulation upgrades, spray foam insulation and roof ventilation
  • Roof-top solar systems for historic buildings  
  • Historic roof consultation


Our staff has completed training in historic preservation and restoration from the Historic Preservation Education Foundation, the American Institute of Architects and Federal Historic Preservation.

As members of the National Trust for Historical Preservation, San Francisco Architectural Heritage, Sonoma County Historical Society, Heritage Homes of Petaluma, Healdsburg Historical Society and the Eichler Network we continually update our base of knowledge.


Accreditations and Awards

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