GAF Timberline Solar Shingle Roof


As a California Licensed Solar and Roofing Contractor certified by GAF Energy, we take an integrated approach to rooftop solar by utilizing roof technology designed to enhance the integrity of your new roof and ensure optimal performance of the Timberline Solar Shingle system.

Timberline Solar™ from GAF Energy boasts the world’s first nailable solar shingle,

 While traditional solar solutions get added on top of your roof shingles,

Timberline Solar incorporates efficient solar technology inside durable shingles.

One installation. One project.

As a California-licensed solar and roofing contractor certified by GAF, the Wedge Roofing team installs both the roofing and solar components, backed by an industry-leading warranty from GAF. Working with us means your new solar roof is installed by an experienced roofing contractor who can offer a comprehensive warranty covering both the roof and solar components.

Choose a Solar Installer who is also a roofing expert.

Water-shedding and warranted.

Timberline Solar™ is made up of shingles, not panels or heavy tiles. These shingles are water-shedding, strong, and warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph. Rack-mounted solar installations—where the solar is separate from the roof–require the drilling of dozens of holes into the roof membrane. Any resulting damage related to those holes is not typically covered by roof warranties.

Save on electricity.

When you choose a solar roof from GAF Energy, it can produce clean electricity at a cost that’s lower than your utility company’s rates. Timberline Solar can even pay for itself when you calculate monthly electric bill savings and government incentives. (Savings will vary and are not guaranteed. Incentives and eligibility requirements vary and availability is not guaranteed.)

Get a great-looking roof, a single GAF-backed warranty, and solar energy. 

Curb appeal.

Investing in a home is no small matter – and the way it looks is important. Timberline Solar™ has a design that blends in with the aesthetic of the house, with elements that add visual appeal like an architectural shingle.  GAF Energy strives to not just meet homeowner’s expectations for roofing reliability, but to achieve breakthroughs with aesthetics.

Meeting-and-raising-the bar.

Timberline Solar™ can supply your home with electricity every day, every hour the sun is shining. And while we don’t want to talk tech jargon, it’s met some industry-leading standards such as UL 7103 certification, which means it’s been through rigorous testing from an independent certification company that’s been around for over one hundred years. GAF is committed to the quality of our product.

Accreditations and Awards

Spray Foam Roofing Excellence Awards 2023
Roof Coating Contractor Award 2023
2022 Service Award Wedge Roofing Houzz
Historic Victorian Shingle Roof Installation Award
Gold Circle award National Roofing Contractor's Association