Celebrating Excellence: Award-Winning Napa Winery Roofing Project

A Showcase of Innovation in Award-Winning Roof for Napa Winery

“Wedge Roofing received two national awards for their innovative spray foam roofing installation and meticulous application of silicone roof coating at a prestigious Napa Winery. They were honored with the 2023 SPFA National Industry Excellence Award for best spray foam roof under 40,000 square feet and the 2023 First Place Contractors Award from CoatingsPro.”

napa winery award-winning roofing.

Award-Winning Napa Winer Roofing Project Profile: After Three Decades, Acclaimed Napa Winery Gets Roof it Deserves
By Keith Stevenson, Roofing Contractor Magazine – April 2023

Napa, renowned for its exceptional wines and idyllic climate, attracts wine enthusiasts from across the globe. With hundreds of wineries dotting the landscape, the region is a paradise for connoisseurs.

Amidst these vineyards stands a venerable establishment with three decades of winemaking expertise. Recently, this esteemed winery faced a significant challenge: its aging roof, particularly the 8,000-square-foot entryway, had succumbed to persistent leaks, tarnishing the visitor experience.

To tackle the problem, the winery chose Wedge Roofing, the multi-award-winning contractor serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for its exceptional work in spray polyurethane foam and traditional roofing, Wedge had previously completed some maintenance and repairs on nearby facilities the winery owned.

“When we began this project, it felt like the Rubik’s Cube of roofing,” says Gary Harvey, SPFA professionally certified president and CEO with Wedge Roofing. “What the client wanted was a puzzle – to waterproof a roof nobody could before, to waterproof the roof’s vertical roof walls without altering their appearance, and to guarantee said roof for a long lifespan.

The roof itself is terraced, resembling large stairsteps. The horizontal portions were ideal for spray foam roofing, and Wedge selected FOAM-LOK 2800 4G, manufactured by Huntsman Building Solutions, for that portion of the job.

However, one of the key challenges for Wedge Roofing was the vertical roof walls, which were brick. “We used the FOAM-LOK 2800 4G and sprayed up and over the steps; after applying a silicone topcoat to the horizontal roof, we used a vinyl covering on the walls. The vinyl covering is ideal as it provides the look of stone pebbles, yet, coupled with and applied over the spray foam, provides the fully waterproof solution the winery has needed for so long,” said Harvey.