The slanted angle of a steep-slope roof is often the first noticeable architectural element on a building. The roofing material chosen determines the curb appeal of the building. A quality, steep-slope system that accentuates the architecture of the entire property is essential for both form and function.

Composition shingle roof in San Anselmo, Marin County

Steep-Slope Re-Roofing Process

Steep roof tear-off to sheathing boards in Marin County

Roof Removal (Tear-off)

Wedge Roofing’s philosophy is that the existing steep-slope roof must be removed prior to the installation of a new roof. Wedge Roofing has the resources available to quickly complete any roof tear-off.

Before the process begins, our Project Manager will meet with you to facilitate proactive measures to protect your property during the roofing project. All work areas are kept confined and clean. Non-work areas, including driveways, walkways and landscaping are covered and protected for the duration of your project.


On steep-slope roofs, such as shingle, tile and metal systems, the existing roof decks may need to be re-sheathed before re-roofing. The roofs that require re-sheathing will be covered in their entirety with a layer of OSB board, nailed to building code specs. After the local building department inspects the nailing, a new steep-slope roof system will be installed.

Sonoma County steep roof tear-off to sheathing boards