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Eco Roof Services

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Eco roofing options are a great benefit to you, your family, and to the environment. From providing a platform for solar harvesting to insulating your home, your eco friendly roof is the most important component of your entire building for environmental improvements.

Long-term Sustainability

By choosing long-term savings, quality materials and proper installation, your energy costs and usage can be decreased. Sustainable roofing systems, which can appear to be a higher up-front cost, actually offer a long-term savings and energy efficiency. This is due in large part to the infrequent replacement and longer life span of sustainable roofing systems.

Roof Systems

Sustainable Roof Systems

Sustainable roof systems minimize the impact on the environment by conserving resources. A quality roof system can be the longest lasting component of your entire structure. Time tested, and sustainable roof systems include Clay Tile, Slate and Metal Roofs. We also offer reclaimed slate and tile, the ultimate sustainable roof systems.

Energy Efficient Roof Systems

Energy Efficient Roof Systems can improve the thermal performance of your entire building, lowering energy use and saving you money. Energy efficient roofing systems include Spray Foam Roofs, Title 24 Roofs, Eco-Friendly Single Ply Roof Systems  and Cool Roof Coatings.

Our Build-it-Green Staff Can Recommend

  • Roof systems manufactured with minimal ecological impact
  • Roof systems containing high contents of recycled material
  • Low VOC Roofing Products
  • Environmentally responsible, harvested FSC-Certified wood products
  • Local roofing products
  • Vegetative “Green Roofs”
  • Roof daylighting with Skylights and Solar Tubes
  • Environmentally friendly residential roofing systems
  • Environmentally friendly commercial roofing systems
Eco Friendly Roofing Marin CountyFirestone eco friendly commercial roofing

Wedge Roofing has a proven history for professional, safe and ecologically friendly roofing throughout Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa and the entire San Francisco Bay Area. As a locally based roofing contractor, the maintenance and upkeep of San Francisco Bay Area’s ecological systems are to us both personal and of the highest importance.

Wedge Roofing is a certified Green Roofing Contractor; we proudly recycle shingles and roof waste.

  • LEED® Green Associate
  • Build-It-Green Certified Professional
  • Certified Green Roof Contractor by GAF and U.S. Green Building Council
  • Certified lead free company by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Certified Solar Roofing Professional Contractor
  • Firestone Environmentally Friendly Commercial Roofing Contractor



Wedge will be the company I call first for all our roofing needs."

— Timothy B., Sonoma