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Roof Systems

Examples of Roof Pitches

A low-slope roof, commonly referred to as a flat roof, has a slope of 3/12 or less

A steep-slope roof also referred to as a pitched roof has a slope of 4/12 or more

Recover or Tear-Off?

All steep-slope roofs must be removed before installation of the new roof.

In some instances, the new low-slope roofing system can be installed directly over the existing roof. The option to recover is dependent upon building codes and condition of the existing roof.

In most cases, installation of a Spray Foam Roof does not require removal of the existing roof.

Yes, My Roof Needs to be Torn-Off

If the existing roof needs to be removed, Wedge Roofing has the resources available to quickly complete any tear off.

Before the tear off begins, our Project Manager will meet with you to facilitate proactive measures to protect your property during the process. All work areas are kept confined and clean; Non-work areas, including; driveways, walkways, and landscaping are covered and protected for the duration of your project.

Wedge Roofing is a Marin County Certified Green Roof Contractor

Recycle Roofing? Yes, we do! As a Certified Green Roof Contractor, we share the EPA's vision to Recycle Roofs into Roads.



Your immediate response to my request for repair service was much appreciated. The persons who did the work were efficient and courteous just as they were on the original installation.


— David S., San Rafael