Novato homeowner “Wedge did my foam roof, could not have been a better experience.”

Robert E. Fairfax, Marin County: “I highly recommend Wedge Roofing. My foam roof, installed by a roofer than since went out of business, leaked around the flashing – an annoyance even during the drought. In addition, I wanted the decrepit cedar shakes on my mansard roof replaced with redwood siding. Last summer, Wedge replaced the siding, installed underlayment, repaired the dry rot found under the existing siding, replaced the faulty flashing, and sprayed on a new layer of foam to bring it up to spec. This winter has seen record amounts of rain and the interior of my house is dry as a one. HIGHLY recommend Wedge for their quality work.”

San Anselmo homeowner: “Wedge Roofing just completed a foam roof for us and we are very pleased with their work. They’re probably the most experienced foam roofers in the county. Terry and crew were always on time and promptly responded to questions.”

Annie M. San Rafael, Marin County: “If you have a flat roof and need a foam roof I highly recommend Wedge! They did an incredible job repairing and ultimately replacing my roof destroyed by a solar panel install. They were incredibly professional and took care of my entire home and yard during the work.”

Bernard H. Mill Valley, Marin County: “Get an estimate from wedge in Petaluma. They are experts in spray foam roofing.”

Stephanie G. Mill Valley, Marin County: “We replaced our tar and gravel roof with foam last spring, used Wedge Roofing. They did a beautiful job and the insulation is a godsend. Not cheap, but worth it.”

Rosie D. Terra Linda, Marin County: “We have a foam roof and it’s great! It adds insulation that the tar roof doesn’t. And it doesn’t stink up the whole neighborhood during installation and maintenance like tar roofs do. We used Wedge Roofing and they were very prompt and professional.”

JP2490 San Francisco Spray Foam Roof: “Wedge Roofing replaced the aging roof on my San Francisco house with a new gold foam roof. I was the general contractor for my own remodeling project, and Wedge Roofing was a pleasure to work with, and I count them among the few sub-contractors on the project that I would 100% recommend with no reservations whatsoever. They are extremely knowledgeable, and easy to work with, respectful of my property and my neighbors, and all around solid professionals.”

E. Tammik – San Francisco Spray Foam Roof: “A brief note to let you know how impressed I was with the team that you sent to replace the roof on my house. I would like to begin by acknowledging Terry, your estimator, a real Pro, but especially Alejandro and his team who were skilled, efficient and conscientious about their work. Having been in the construction industry myself, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see that there are still companies like yours that employ people that take pride in their work. I would not hesitate to refer your company, and if you would like to use me as a referral, please feel free to do so. My congratulations to you and the fine people that work for yo.” 

M. Jordan – San Francisco Spray Foam Roof: “Your crew worked incredibly hard, were extremely professional, and acted in the most courteous and professional manner of any construction crew I’ve ever been associated with. While I’m not an expert, we did have a “little drizzle” and the roof did not leak! Congratulations! Thanks again, the roof looks great!” 

S. Dicker – San Francisco Spray Foam Roof: “We are happy with the roof.  It looks fine.  It was easy to work with them.  They came out the next day and tarped the roof until they could get out to do the actual work.   It took a while for them to find the time to do it because of a lot of rain in the area and their other customers; but as soon as they could, they did the work.They even gave us a partial credit from tarping the roof on our bill for the foam roof.  We are pleased with the result.”