Veterans Day

Honoring Our Veterans: A Heartfelt Thank You

At Wedge Roofing, we stand united in expressing our profound gratitude to the brave Veterans and their families who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding the precious gift of freedom.

Their unwavering commitment and sacrifices have paved the way for the liberties we cherish today. Every day, we are reminded of the invaluable contributions made by our Veterans. Their selflessness, courage, and resilience serve as a beacon of inspiration for us all.

As we pause to reflect on their service, let us remember that it is not just on Veterans Day that we offer our thanks. It is a continuous acknowledgment of their sacrifices that we hold dear in our hearts.

To the families of our Veterans, we recognize the sacrifices you have made as well. Your unwavering support, strength, and patience have been instrumental in allowing your loved ones to fulfill their duty. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to you.

From all of us at Wedge Roofing, thank you, Veterans, for your service, your sacrifices, and your unwavering commitment to safeguarding our freedom. Your legacy will forever inspire us to uphold the ideals that make our nation great.


(Photo Caption: Pearl Harbor Survivors at Novato 4th of July Parade. Photo by Jennifer Wedge)