Top Ten Wedge Roofing Blogs of 2015

From Metal Roofing trends in the San Francisco Bay Area to Roofing Awards, here are our top ten most popular roofing blogs of 2015.

1. Geodesic Dome Boom: From Counter Culture Housing to Multi-Million Dollar Estates 

2. Metal Roofing Trend: Mixed Materials Roof in Marin County

3. El Nino: How to prepare your roof for San Francisco Bay Area Rain

4. Spray Foam Industry Excellence Award: Marin County Spray Foam Roof Wins National Award

5. San Anselmo Tower Historic Roof Restoration Award: Marin County Top Real Estate Project of 2014

6GAF Shingles: Top picks for GAF Shingle Roofs in the San Francisco Bay Area

7. Gingerbread Roofing: San Francisco’s Sweet Roofs

8. Vineyard Victorian Roof Restoration: Sonoma County Roof Steeped in History with GAF Shingles

9. Spray Foam Magazine: Spray Foam Roofing in Historic Petaluma 

10Gerard Metal Roof:  Wood Shingle Conversion to Metal Roofing