Style Guide for Gingerbread House Roofing

Popular Sweetened Gingerbread Roofs

Due to a gingerbread house building boom this holiday season, the global demand for gingerbread roofing is soaring. To meet this increased demand, the top confectionary roofing manufacturers have increased production of their four most popular sweetened roofing systems.

Premium Architectural Cookie Shingles are the quintessential edible roofing system for all styles of gingerbread houses, with superb curb appeal and long-lasting performance. Premium cookie shingles provide the authentic look of a wood shingle roof with all the yumminess of gingerbread. These artisan-crafted shingles are hand-cut from extra-thick gingerbread layers, resulting in a highly dimensional cookie shingle with distinct shadow lines and texture. (Photo Credit: Mansikkamaki)

Spray Powdered Frosting (SPF) Foam Roofing is the favored frothy roof system for mid-century modern gingerbread designs, such as Eichler homes. The sprayed-on frosting quickly forms into a solid roofing membrane, sealing the gingerbread-building envelope. Combined with a reflective coating of confectioners sugar glaze embedded with fire-white granules, this scrumptious roof is Title 24 compliant. (Photo Credit Parisa)

Slate Candy Shingles – Gingerbread architects often specify slate candy roofing shingles for traditional home designs. Quarried from only the best New England hard candy, this sustainable, edible roof will outlast the strongest gingerbread construction, providing a sweet treat long after your gingerbread house crumbles. (Photo Credit: Clark Fulton Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters)

Chocolate Roof Tiles add elegance and cacao deliciousness to this Spanish Revival gingerbread house. These traditional mission-style barrel tiles were hand-formed from dark chocolate by Pastry Chef Ramon Perez for his gingerbread replica of West Hollywood’s Sona Restaurant. (Photo credit: LATimes Blog)