Scary Roofs

Scary Halloween Roofs: Giant Roof Spiders, Witches and Skeletons, oh my! 

Yes, in our 44 years in the roofing business serving the San Francisco Bay Area, we have encountered haunted roofs. Scary roofs infested with varmints, bats, and other creatures of the night. However, in our annual humorous Halloween blog we do not want to frighten you with those all too real images, so please enjoy our gallery of intentionally scary roofs.   

Roof Spiders

The occurrence and size of giant roof spiders appear to be increasing this Halloween. Although frequently no more than a nuisance, we recommend seeking professional help if the spider has burrowed into your roof shingles or is tragically consuming your neighbors. (Photo credit:,, 2)

Roof Witches

Although not as common as spiders, many witches have been spotted on rooftops as Halloween draws near. Albeit alarming, it is important to ascertain if your roof witch is a “good witch” or a “bad witch” before cleansing your haunted roof. Due to the transitory nature of witches, it might not always be possible to rid your roof of a coven, but do try! (photo credit:

Roof Skeletons

We have to admit; it is the skeletons found on rooftops that scare us. Some appear to be escaping from homes, whereas, some bony figures are seen scaling houses to gain entrance through the upper windows. Either way, scary! (photo credit: SuzNews Halloween Decorations,


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