Safety: Roof Fall Prevention

2016 #StandDown4Safety:  OSHA’s National Stand-Down for Safety Week bring awareness for the prevention of fall hazards in the construction industry. In addition to regular safety training, this week Wedge Roofing’s OSHA certified Safety Supervisors conducted safety training sessions to reinforce jobsite and rooftop safety measures.  Topics included mitigating work place hazards, proper use of personal fall arrest equipment, placement of warning lines, guardrails and safety monitors, and ladder safety. 

2015 #StandDown4Safety:  Congratulations to Wedge Roofing’s OSHA Certified Safety Supervisors for conducting the 2015 OSHA “Safety Stand-Down” training emphasizing roofing safety. Demonstring our commitment to jobsite safety, Wedge Roofing joined with OSHA in the National “Safety Stand-Down Week” to raise awareness and minimize risk of fall hazards in construction. OSHA reports, “Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction workers, accounting for 269 of the 775 construction fatalities recorded in 2012. Those deaths were preventable. ”

2014 #StandDown4Safety:  Wedge Roofing’s OSHA Certified Safety Supervisors held the “Safety Stand Down” seminar with our roofing crews to raise awareness of preventable rooftop fall hazards. The proactive safety measures Wedge Roofing emphasizes on every job site were further reinforced in this seminar as part of our on-going, regular safetytraining .In today’s interactive, hands-on seminar, Wedge safety supervisors emphasized Wedge Roofing’s fall protection program. This included a review of our safety procedures and policies to prevent falls from ladders, roofs, scaffolds, fragile roof surfaces, stairs, roof openings and specific roof hazards on both low slope and steep slope roofs. The seminar continued with a review of our fall prevention equipment including fall arrest systems, guardrails, catch platforms and personal protection devices.  A demonstration was held to emphasize proper adjustments to the OSHA approved safety harnesses that Wedge Roofing supplies to crewmembers.

Wedge Roofing’s president, Ralph Wedge concluded the meeting by stressing to his employees the importance of working together as a team to preventfall hazards. He emphasized the importance of staying alert to roof top hazards and making sure your own, and your fellow workmates personal protection equipment is correctly installed and adjusted at all times. 

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