Roof Leak Repairs in a Pinch

Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

The latest San Francisco Bay Area storm system dropped torrents of much-needed rain on our area. After months of dryness, many residents and business owners scrambled to ensure the roofs on their homes and businesses were prepared for the storm. The speed of the weather front amidst a dry season meant that many building owners found themselves with emergency storm damage during the rainfall. 

Emergency roof leak repair team at work repairing a roof in the San Francisco Bay Area

Wedge Roofing’s Emergency Roof Repair crews were out in force providing much needed roof leak repair services in San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma County and Napa. 

Images of roof leaks with  pails collecting drips in living-rooms are sometimes too tidy, as all manner of water intrusion can occur during a heavy storm: water can come down entire side-walls through windows, go through skylights, solar-panels and heaters, or even collapse portions of the roof and ceiling. 

Wedge Roofing’s roof leak emergency repair crews provide a vital service. We have multiple, highly-trained emergency roof repair crews which are dispatched during the storm to provide stoppage to water intrusion to be replaced with more permanent repairs after the storm subsides.