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Gingerbread Roofs: Iconic San Francisco Bay Area Buildings in Gingerbread

Beyond Gumdrop Roofs:  As San Francisco Bay Area's trusted Gingerbread Roofing Contractor since 1976, Wedge Roofing presents the top trends in Gingerbread Roofs from Marin County, Sonoma County and Napa. 

San Francisco Victorian Gingerbread Roofs

The Victorian“Painted Ladies” of Alamo Square in San Francisco are exquisitely rendered in gingerbread with sugar sloped shingle roofs. Photo Credit: visitsanfrancisco.blogspot

Lombard Street San Francisco Gingerbread Houses








Gingerbread Homes on San Francisco’s Lombard Street represent a variety of trending Gingerbread Roofs:  Scalloped Necco Wafer Roof Shingles, Orange Slice Roof Tiles, and Sugared Sheets of Single-Ply TPO Roofing. The Spray Foam Roofs -  made of Royal Icing - dusted with a Crushed Candy Cane Roof Coating provide insulated roof structure support with an adorable gumdrop cornice.  Photo Credit: GAP


Sausalito Gingerbread Houseboats

Highlighting Marin County’s favorite alternative housing are the Gingerbread Houseboats of Sausalito, created by CJ Spady, CPA. The roofing systems on the floating gingerbread homes include a light-weight cracker shingle roof, a pretzel parapet enclosed roof deck and a Pagoda inspired roof design with a clerestory cupola. Photo credit: Sausalito Gingerbread House Tour

Palace of Fine Arts Gingerbread House




Always on the cutting edge, the pastry chefs at Osteria Divino Restaurant in Sausalito replicated San Francisco's 1915 Palace of Fine Arts in gingerbread. The Rotunda Dome features a Title 24 Compliant white reflective, sugar-infused roof coating with decorative cookie accents.  Photo Credit: Sausalito Gingerbread House Tour


Landmark Vineyards Gingerbread Winery





Landmark Vineyards Gingerbread Winery features a lapped pattern cookie shingle roof with cupolas and a frosting-coated hip tower roof. (Photo Credit: Press Democrat)


LaTaqueria Gingerbread House


Pastry Chef and Food Blogger Karen recreated San Francisco’s Mission District La Taqueria Restaurant in gingerbread. Structural support for the flat roof design was achieved with the addition of Starbursts, Kit-Kats and Twizzlers. See Karen's Blog for interior images.