Man of Merit: Gary Harvey, Wedge Roofing’s Award-Winning CEO

A Man of Merit:

Congratulations to Wedge Roofing’s CEO Gary Harvey for receiving the Spray Foam Magazine’s Trailblazer Award 2023. This distinguished award recognizes a contractor who has demonstrated innovative and dependable professional leadership, with distinction and a commitment to serving others.

SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Born and raised in London, England, Gary Harvey moved to the U.S. in the 70s. Following school, and having a passion for aviation, he worked as a Director of Manufacturing for a subsidiary of Boeing. It’s here where he met his wife-to-be Shena. He then made a career move that would change his life forever! epic chapter in the roofing industry began almost four decades ago at a company called McIntyre Roofing in Palm Springs. Owner Richard Winkle (brother of Rob and Ron Winkle) was influential in illustrating to him quality, professionalism, and image. As Harvey so eloquently puts it, “The foundation of my construction journey was poured there.” 

McIntyre roofing specialized in high-dollar custom estate homes and it’s where Harvey learned craftsmanship, quality and pride in his work. After he mastered the ultimate in residential roofing, Harvey knew he wanted to add commercial roofing to his accomplishments. So, he made the move to Bryant Universal Roofing Company, where Harvey learned about advanced roofing solutions, equipment, and spray polyurethane foam.

In the summer of 1996, Harvey, Shena, and their two daughters, Courteney and Abby made the move to the San Francisco Bay area. With an impressive resume of residential and commercial projects under his belt, he landed a job at Wedge Roofing, a company started by Ralph Wedge in 1976.

By 2005, Harvey had become the General Manager and was afforded autonomy to grow, run and manage the business. In January 2023, Harvey purchased Wedge Roofing. “My ‘imprinting’ had already taken place over the previous 18 years as General Manager. As for being the President and CEO, it’s a role I have been training for, for many years,” says Harvey.”

Harvey still has a passion for roofing. “The excitement I still feel every morning is the same as when I started in the industry. I first learned about SPF in the 1980s and when I came to Wedge Roofing. It took me a few years to work it into our portfolio, but it’s been a game changer ever since then.

I truly love what I do and with spray foam’s ever developing capabilities, and new industry niches that excitement continues to evolve.” Harvey goes on to reflect on Ralph Wedge’s mentorship saying, “I would not be where I am today. His calm steady hand on the Wedge rudder, taught me patience, the importance of treating and taking care of your employees as your most valuable company asset, and a strong sense of fiscal responsibility. His confidence in my abilities to run Wedge Roofing were instrumental in affording me the experience, confidence, and ability to seamlessly continue Wedge Roofing’s operations, after his decision to retire.”

Many people clock out once their day job ends. However, Harvey goes that extra mile and enjoys mentoring, teaching, and lecturing. During which, he covers specialized subjects from SPF and building envelope practices, to environmentally conscious builds. As an industry refining practices, business models, and image, this is a benefit to clients, contractors, the standard of living, and company/industry success. “In my little piece in helping the “tide rise” is my love of mentoring, instructing, and sharing my enthusiasm and passion for what this industry has to offer. One of my greatest prides is helping to educate contractors, because I am a firm believer in the rising tide floats all boats,” says Harvey.”

Through all of Harvey’s impressive career achievements so far, he remains a humble guy, saying “I never really think of myself as anybody other than a run-of-the-mill roofing insulation and general construction contractor. One of the thousands of contractors who get up every day and do what we all do.” Through his work and educating others, it’s amazing that he has any time left to pursue his hobby, soccer, and when he can, Harvey loves officiating for college, state, and national team matches.

Even though Harvey appreciates and loves his career, it’s Harvey’s family that are most important to him. “Time with my family is paramount. Whether that be traveling to some warm weather location, or spending time on our boat, family is first,” says Harvey.

Harvey often reminds himself and employees that positive business interactions are essential for all, “By establishing relationships with other contractors, and with a view to helping each other, we all benefit,” states Harvey.