Fallen Trees Severely Damage Roofs in Marin and Sonoma Storms

Roof Damage Due to Fallen Trees During Storm

Take a very real scenario that comes with severe storms: An uprooted, ancient oak tree crashes through your roof in the middle of the night, what do you do?

 In this scenario, do what Kathy Truax did

At 3:30 a.m., amidst one of the heaviest storms Northern California has seen in a decade, the Sonoma County artist woke to a startling “ripping booming sound” as the 60′ oak tree in her front yard toppled over, smashing into her home and splitting the shingle roof wide open. 

Thinking quickly, Kathy grabbed her cat and called 911, who not only rescued her but her art and furniture. After that vital call to 911, Kathy made a call—to Wedge Roofing.

tree falls on roof
roof damage from fallen tree

In the morning, working in conjunction with the arborist, Atlas Tree & Landscape, Wedge Roofing’s emergency roof repair team arrived to provide an assessment of the damage for permanent repairs and to install a temporary roof covering to protect Ms. Truax’s property in the short term. 

The Wedge team thoroughly inspected the home to verify the structural integrity, identifying areas of instability and structural deficiencies.

These veterans of many epic San Francisco Bay Area storms and previous El Nino’s, noted that the tree had struck In multiple locations encompassing approximately 60% of the house. The force of the tree fall caused severe structural damage to the roof, including broken roof trusses, shattered roof sheathing and damage to the interior ceiling sheetrock.

structural roof damage from fallen tree
temporary roof cover

The emergency repair team then installed a mechanically fastened temporary roof covering secured with battens that, despite the intense rain and wind driven storm events over the following days, kept the home free of water intrusion.

Next, As a licensed Roofing and General Contractor, Wedge Roofing’s full-service repair crews of highly experienced roofers and carpenters can expertly repair both the roofing and structural damage of the home.

So while you should always call 911 immediately if you feel your life or those of your loved ones is in danger, the next call should be to save the home that protects those you love. Hundreds like Kathy relied on Wedge Roofing’s teams to protect their homes and businesses throughout the many large-scale storms we have experienced this winter, and Wedge Roofing maintains this team for the benefit of existing and future clients.

“It’s a point of pride for me and our company,” added President Ralph Wedge, “to provide a service that protects families, neighbors, local businesses and so many others in their most desperate moments. I make certain that we are available when every other roofer won’t even pick up their phone.”

What to do if a tree falls on your roof

  • Evacuate immediately, call 9-1-1
  •  Avoid any fallen power lines, contact PG&E
  •  Arrange for a licensed arborist to remove the tree.
  • Have a licensed roofing contractor install a temporary roof cover.
  • Look for a roofing contractor who is also a licensed general contractor to inspect the building for roof and structural damage. 
  •  Contact your insurance compamy
  •  Proceed with repairs before the next storm. 

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