Best Halloween Roof Costume Contest

This October, the Wedge Roofing Team is at it again. Installing roofs in the San Francisco Bay Area, you say? Indeed, they are busy preparing roofs for the winter rain. However, in their spare time our roofing experts selected the top contenders for Wedge Roofing’s 2nd Annual “Best Halloween Roof Costume Contest.”

Following last year’s inaugural contest, the competition was fierce in 2015.  After much deliberation, our roofing experts selected their top five favorites.  Now, the winner will be chosen by you! Please vote at Wedge Roofing’s Facebook Page before midnight on October 30th and the winner will be announced on Halloween.

Top Five Contenders for Wedge Roofing’s 2nd Annual “Best Halloween Roof Costume Contest.”

Halloween Roof Costumes 2015

Gingerbread House: The Wedge Team appreciated the eco-friendly roofing choices on this Gingerbread house costume. They noted the white reflective Cool Roof and decorative candy solar panels provide energy efficiency while also complementing the Victorian Architecture “gingerbread” roof trim.

Empire State Building: Featuring the most adorable King Kong, the roof gracing the Empire State Building appears to be in great shape. The silver reflective roof coating not only lowers energy costs, but also could provide a durable surface when King Kong climbs to the rooftop to take in a view of Manhattan. Note: Wedge Roofing does not condone Mr. Kong’s unfortunate and ultimately tragic decision to climb the structure without OSHA certified fall protection equipment.

Dog’s Haunted House: The dog is adorable, although the roof on his haunted house has seen better days. Our experts noted possible structural roof damage, and advised when roof rats and giant spiders occupy your roof; it is time to call in a professional roofing contractor.

Brick Building: Although impressed with the brick masonry work, the Wedge Team commented that the gable roof is still under construction with the cardboard sheathing ready for the new roof installation.

“Up” House: “Absolutely charming” was the consensus from the Wedge Team on this costume fashioned after Carl’s flying home in the Pixar film “UP.” Our roofing experts admired the decision to choose a long-lasting, sustainable blue metal roof, stating “metal roofs are the preferred roofing system for all flying balloon homes and buildings.”

Which is your favorite? Remember to VOTE before midnight on October 30, 2015