Award Winning Commercial Roof

A roof so complex, it swept the National Roofing Awards – Here are the details on the Sonoma County commercial roofing project that was named “Spray Foam Roof of the Year” by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance and was the recipient of the National Roofing Contractors Association Gold Circle Award for Innovative Solutions in Reroofing.

Innovation in reroofing was needed on this job where 70% of the roof was covered with equipment, operating non-stop.

This technically challenging roofing project –  with zero margins for error –  began with an existing failed roof system buried beneath ducting, almost a thousand lineal feet of conduit, gas lines and chiller lines, large rooftop structures, multiple nonconventional rooftop objects all of which required carefully thought-out custom integration into the new roof system. And, in addition, two-dozen 2000° furnace exhaust vents which discharge three feet from the roof surface and were to remain operational during the reroofing project.

To overcome the challenges of this complex and intricate roof, Wedge Roofing’s  General Manager Gary Harvey and Superintendent Fortino Juarez developed and perfected a method to pre-apply spray foam to a substrate, creating a rigid foam blanket (RFB). Their unique approach allowed for the seamless integration of the components into the surrounding roof area allowing Small Precision Tools to remain in full production during the entire roofing project. 

Through closely coordinated planning and scheduling the project was completed on time, on budget and most importantly without interruption of service or manufacturing capabilities.

“This is the most technically challenging and difficult spray foam roof I have ever encountered,” said Al Kennedy of Premium Spray Foam Products after inspecting the roof for issuance of the manufacturer’s warranty.