2014 Top Roof Trends for Halloween Costumes

Update: What is the top roof trends for Halloween costumes in 2015? Find out here.

The Wedge Roofing Team offers a unique contribution for Halloween by providing details on the top roof trends for Halloween costumes.

  • Our roofing experts were impressed with the solid construction of this hand-split shingle roof installed on Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz farmhouse. The roof was assessed for tornado damage, but appeared to have avoided major damage. However, further inspection for structural damage is recommended after removal of the Wicked Witch of the East from the home’s sub-floor. (photo credit: someday I’ll learn via Pinterest) 
  • The Wedge Team gave design kudos for this spooky house costume featuring a clerestory roof design optimizing light and visibility for the young trick-or-treater. 
  • Wedge Roofing’s top pick for roofing system apparel is this eco-friendly Green Roof costume made by Carla Brown, inspired by the Green Roof on her children’s school. Although not yet certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, this costume should earn extra LEED points as it was constructed entirely from recycled materials. Indeed, the roofing system contains 100% recycled content consisting of candy wrappers and a recycled tent. 
  • From all of us at Wedge Roofing, we wish you a memorable and fun-filled Halloween!