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Solar Installations

Marin County Solar Spray Foam RoofingAs a Certified Solar Roofing Contractor, Wedge Roofing provides a seamless integration between your rooftop solar system and your roof. We offer our solar roof expertise in Marin County, San Francisco, Sonoma County and Napa.  

Solar Spray Foam Roofs

Custom designed, our award-winning Solar Spray Foam Roofing Systems combine the benefits of a high-performance insulating spray foam roof with the cooling benefits of reflective roof coating and the energy generation from a rooftop solar system. The result is an energy-efficient roof system that will pay for itself in utility savings


RISE Certified Solar Roofing Professional Contractor

Roof Compatible Solar Installation Photovoltaic Systems (PV)

Wedge Roofing is one of only six companies in the state of California to earn the designation as a Certified Solar Roofing Professional Contractor.

As such, we take an integrated approach to rooftop solar energy by utilizing roof technology practices designed to preserve both the integrity of the roof and ensure the performance of the rooftop solar panel system. It is important to note that the roof manufacturer’s warranty may be invalidated if the PV system is installed without the expertise of an accredited roofing contractor.

By engaging Wedge Roofing as part of the initial planning team and subscribing to Wedge Roofing’s Proactive Roof Maintenance Program, our clients are assured their rooftop solar panels are installed and maintained for optimal economic and environmental benefit, protecting both their roofing and solar investments.

  • Assist in the design and implementation of countermeasures to ensure the rooftop solar system does not compromise the roof’s watertight function
  • Ensure compliance with building and fire code regulations 
  • Prevent improper roof penetrations during the solar panel installation
  • Initiate measures to prevent damage to the roof caused by increased weight loads, added heat and reflected ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Initiate measures to prevent damage to the roof from increased foot traffic
  • Establish installation and roof maintenance program in compliance with requirements of the roofing manufacturer's warranty

“Prior to installing a new PV system, it is imperative to evaluate the condition of the existing roof system.  Managers should consider incorporating a roof-maintenance program that begins with designing a more durable roof system and focuses on identifying potential leaks and making repairs before leaks occur.”

- Steve Schuster, Associated Editor
Facilities Maintenance Solutions Magazine


The crew cleaned up each day and you couldn’t even tell a new tar and gravel roof had been put on! They really were exceptional!"

— Christine M., Novato