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Marine Spray Foam Applications

Wedge Roofing Marine Applications

spray foam insulation awards SPFA

Insulation & Air Barriers

Spray Foam Insulation is considered the preferred method to insulate maritime vessels. From private watercrafts to commercial fishing boats and even historic ferry boats,  Spray Foam Insulation provides an excellent thermal insulating barrier offering temperature control, draft reduction, noise reduction, increased stability and protection from condensation. 

Insulation and Elemental Protection

Spray Foam offers protection from the harsh elements encountered in marine environments, including both fresh and salt waters, as well as air. Properly applied Spray Foam insulation provides an air-sealing barrier, waterproofing and protects the sealed environment from extreme temperature variants.

Spray foam insulation's watertight, durable finish provides protection from the corrosive properties of extreme condensation encountered while on the water. Condensation is effectively halted due to the air and moisture sealing capabilities found with closed cell spray foam.

For commercial fishing boats, proper insulation of fish and crab holds is crucial. Spray foam insulation covered with a protective coating provides a durable, waterproof insulation barrier for improved temperature control in fish and crab holds offering a high return on investment.

The advanced adhesive properties of spray foam insulation provide maximum insulation values achieved with minimum space requirements. Sprayed in a liquid form, Spray Foam Insulation quickly expands to form a solid insulation boundary filling unique contours and even the smallest niches allowing for maximum useable space. 

Wedge Roofing Marine Spray Foam Insulation


  • Insulation of fo’c’sle
  • Insulation of cabins
  • Insulation of fish/crab holds
  • Repair & Filling of damaged pontoons
  • Vapor sealing engine rooms
  • Air & Water sealing boats, barges and amphibious vehicles


Highest Standards

Wedge Roofing has passed the standards of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance

Wedge Roofing is the first contractor in California to have successfully passed the new rigorous standards of testing regulated by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, receiving certification as Advanced Level Master Installer and Project Manager.

This internationally recognized, ANSI accredited certification is the most rigorous, extensive and defining program for Spray Foam Professionals in the world. This distinction certifies our demonstrated expertise, essential knowledge, skills and abilities inherent among the highest class of Spray Foam professionals. We provide our clients with the highest level of safety, performance, quality and professionalism well above industry standards.


This is why your company has the reputation they have; Everyone has provided such great service and communication and it is greatly appreciated. "

— Sheryl P. Mill Valley, Marin County